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Residential Upgrades

Get a Complete Electrical Panel Upgrade in Fort Worth, TX

Are your home’s electrical systems outdated or not up-to-code? Arc Angel Electrical Solutions can provide you with cost-effective, energy-efficient upgrades to bring your electrical systems into the modern age! We have over 18 years of experience providing electrical panel upgrades and rewiring homes for remodels and updates. If you are in the Fort Worth area and need a knowledgeable electrician to upgrade your systems, get in touch with us today.

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Update and Upgrade for Added Safety, Performance, and Energy-Efficiency

We can assist you with:

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades: An outdated electrical panel won’t be able to support all of the electronics and appliances you want to run. Homes with outdated panels are prone to frequent tripping, flickering lights, and even electrical fires. We can provide you with an electrical panel upgrade so that you can safely power all of the electronics you want.
  • Rewiring: Our team can perform electrical remodeling and rewiring when you are renovating your home or are in need of an update. We can also do knob and tub wiring replacements!

Work With Our Licensed & Insured Electricians

Call Arc Angel Electrical Solutions today to discuss your needs with an expert electrician and get a free cost estimate for our services. Call us today or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with us. Rest easy knowing that your electrical system will be up to local codes and regulations.